What is andropause? What is andropause treatment? What are andropause medications?

Aging men have health problems. Tanfer Hospital Urology Specialist who made statements about this subject. Dr. Serkan Deveci, “aging prostate is not the only problem in men.”

Explaining the relationship between andropause and prostate diseases Tanfer Hospital Urology Specialist. Dr. Serkan Deveci, yaş Aging is the main factor in both cases. The aging hormone balance of an aging man leads to the growth of the prostate. Some men get prostate cancer. In others, the enlarged prostate obstructs the urinary tract and leads to urinary complaints. These two situations should be evaluated together. Mostly prostate disease is treated and the symptoms of andropause are ignored. However, these two intertwined situations should be evaluated together. ”

Deveci also expressed his opinion about what is andropause, “Aging and serum testosterone (T) is a biochemical syndrome accompanied by a series of symptoms accompanied by a decrease. The andropause; menopause, male climacteria, androgen failure in the aging man, partial androgen failure in the aging man. In addition to affecting man’s quality of life, andropause also has harmful effects on numerous organ systems (muscle, bone, consciousness and glycemic control). Testosterone production is gradually reduced in the aging man. ” Explaining the symptoms of andropause, Deveci said, “Male T level decreases by 10 percent per decade (1 in every 10 years) from the age of 30 years. Men over the age of fifty years have lost 25 percent of T level. After the age of seventy, there is a 50 percent loss. ”


Evaluating the effects of andropause on quality of life, Deveci said, “The man does not feel energetic as before, decrease in intellectual activity, decrease in muscle mass and resistance, sexual reluctance, increase in erectile dysfunction, increase in fat around the navel, decrease in bone mineral density, sleep disorders, decrease in body hair. changes, depressive mood, decreased glycemic control, increased insulin resistance and increased risk of metabolic syndrome are among the symptoms that affect quality of life. ”


Explaining the drugs used in the treatment, Deveci said, amaç The aim of the treatment of andropause is to replace low TU. Replacement can be done orally, intramuscularly, subcutaneously. Selection can be determined according to patient and physician preference. The form applied on short-acting skin should be preferred because it captures the circadian rhythm of T. Nowadays, the most accepted method is the form applied to the skin (gel, patch). This treatment should be avoided in the presence of breast cancer in men. ” Deveci, explaining the success rates of drugs in treatment, concluded: “With appropriate diagnosis and T replacement, quality of life, restoration of sexual life, improvement in cognitive functions, general well-being, improvement in glycemic control, decrease in cardiovascular risk are expected.”

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