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Check Up

Check Up

Regular Check-ups are necessary for having and maintaining a healthy life. Tanfer Hospital offers Check-Up programs for all ages and genders.

Why do we need Check-up?

Check-up involves the examinations and tests to determine your current health condition for early diagnosis purposes. With the check-up you have by keeping time for yourself and your health, you can avoid reduced quality of your life, have your latent onset diseases to be diagnosed early and learn what to do to reduce your risk factors.

Points to Consider When Coming for the Appointment

  • Please come for the appointment in the morning, without eating anything and drinking alcohol or fizzy drinks.
  • (12-hour fasting is sufficient and you can drink water unless it is not in excessive amount)
  • 48 hours before the appointment, please do not take medication other than the prescribed by your physician.
  • Bring the names and dosage information of the medication you use, and the results of your previous examinations and reports.
  • Inform your physician if you are pregnant or there is a possibility of pregnancy before the procedures.
  • Change the date of your appointment if you are having your period.
  • ECG tests can be performed within the scope of your health checkup. Therefore, do not wear jewelry like earring, necklace and bracelet.


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