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Emergency Department

Any patient who applies to the emergency department of our hospital is firstly taken in an appropriate care area and undergoes an emergency pre-examination performed by our specialist physician in charge. Immediately after the life-saving medical interventions, the corresponding specialist is contacted and called to the emergency service as soon as possible, if necessary. Hence, the emergency care needs of each patient are fulfilled while the examinations and treatments that can be planned later started immediately under the supervision of the specialist.

Integration and close follow-up of the patient in emergency services eliminates medical errors and misunderstandings. Our emergency service constituted with this awareness to respond the personal needs of a patient, works in full coordination with all departments with standardized care and follow-up processes.

Specialist examination service is provided 24 hours in our emergency department incorporating medical devices together with all kinds of tests and radiological examination reports. With the operating room, intensive care unit, monitoring and laboratory units being ready and easily accessible all the time, we have an opportunity to provide examination and treatment services to all kinds of patients in our emergency department.