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All the follow-ups, vaccinations and treatments necessary from the birth of our children are provided in our outpatient polyclinics and inpatient hospital.
Our hospital is a Baby-friendly Hospital. Since we are aware of the importance of breastfeeding, we inform all the mothers in this respect.
In addition, neonatal heel prick is performed to screen for congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria, and first vaccination procedure is implemented.


Our Mission as the Department of Pediatrics

  • To place emphasis on preventative pediatrics services,
    • To diagnose and treat diseases,
    • To follow the latest developments in medical field and to offer them to our patients,
    • To conduct or contribute in scientific researches,
    • To inform and educate patients and patient relatives.
    • To provide service in the light of evidence-based medical information,
    • To realize healthy child follow-ups regularly based on the principle “Healthy kids make healthy adults”,
    • To adopt a holistic approach by considering the health of mothers as well as children.
    As a result of the examinations performed in the Department of Pediatrics, patients who are decided to be hospitalized and treated are hospitalized in private rooms under the supervision of their mothers. The nursing services for these children are provided by the staff guided on pediatrics. In addition to the specialist physician following the treatment process, service physicians also provide assistance.


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